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6/17/24 Library Construction Update

The contractor completed the Library repairs, and the Borough completed inspections and installed a new fire alarm system. The Borough gave keys to the building to the Library Board of Trustees, and the Board held its June meeting inside the building on June 13th . (Since the Library closed in August 2017, the Board has been meeting in the Crawford House.)

With help from the Monmouth County Library staff, the Tinton Falls Public Library Association’s next steps are to:

  • Set up Internet and phone connections

  • Install public and staff computers

  • Replace the Library’s collection and refill the shelves

  • Hire staff

  • Refresh furnishings and, where needed, purchase additional


Library Board members are also planning the 2024 Library Music Festival fundraiser, which will take place at the Sycamore Soccer Complex on Saturday, August 17th from 5 to 8 p.m. Please consider attending to show your support as we move closer to reopening the Library later this year. Music Festival ticket information will be posted soon on this website, as will additional Library updates.

Thank you for your continued support!

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