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4/27/24 Library Construction Update

The contractor has substantially completed the Library repairs and will be closing out the project by the end of the month. The trailer has been removed from the back of the Library. The opening between the building and the trailer has been replaced by a door that will serve as an emergency exit in the back of the Library.


The old paneling has been removed from the interior walls and replaced with new dry wall for a fresh new look. Communications connections have been upgraded where needed. With help from the Monmouth County Library staff, the Tinton Falls Public Library Association’s next steps are to:


·       Replace the Library’s collection and refill the shelves

·       Hire staff

·       Refresh furnishings and, where needed, purchase additional items.


Thank you to the sponsors and attendees at our fundraisers over the past seven years. We are grateful for your support! Thanks also to those who supported the State Library Construction Bond Referendum, thus making it possible for our community to benefit from the matching funds for this project.


We’re one step closer to reopening the Library and can’t wait to welcome you back!

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